The select window allows selecting exercise of interest. This window is reached by clicking on the ellipsis on the right hand side of the exercise selection component.



The select window presents the list of exercises in the selected directory. Double clicking on one of the rows, will select it, populate the exercise selection component and close the select window.

For each exercise, the following details are presented


The identifier associated with the subject. This could be a name, a number or any other string used to identify the subject.


The exercise, is a drop-down list of the exercises that can be recorded. Currently, the supported exercises are:

  • Sway
  • Sway Eyes Closed
  • Sway on Foam
  • Sway on Foam Eyes Closed

# records

The number of recordings of the subject performing this exercise available

last seen

The date and time of the last recording of this subject performing this exercise


At the bottom of the screen, few additional buttons and fields are available


Refresh refresh 

The refresh button goes over all the recordings in the current directory and recomputed the statistics for these recording. This is needed only if files were corrupted or changes were made to the program setting.

Directory selection

The directory to look at can be changed by typing a different directory path

The ellipsis

Select the directory by a directory browser. Clicking on the ellipsis will open the directory browser

Notification area

The bottom part of the screen is a notification area. It will show the progress of the refresh process if the refresh button is selected.

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